Best mortgages to buy a house

Spring 2014 also reaches mortgages. Of course, flowers are not as beautiful as years ago and, in addition, they are not available to a large majority of families: only with savings, double guarantees and good salaries can one opt for ‘ spring mortgages.

The difficulty in getting the best mortgages

The difficulty in getting the best mortgages

And let’s not forget to have a stable job; if we are autonomous, the difficulty in getting the best mortgages is very high; If we are civil servants, opting for a competitive mortgage is less complicated, although savings remain an unavoidable requirement.

At the end of 2013, only two mortgages had a differential of less than 2 euros, while today the variety has increased.

The best with an interest rate of euribor + 1.50, which can be improved in the case of certain officials or economic profiles with very important savings, is still offered by RN Your Mortgage Solution, which you can request through us without additional expenses and with the plus of independent advice from Good Finance.

The cheapest mortgages that can be obtained

The cheapest mortgages that can be obtained

As for the cheapest mortgages that can be obtained by going directly to a financial institution (without taking into account the mortgages of bank flats, which offer if we want to buy the house themselves) we have: The Triodos Bank Eco – library at a Euribor + 1.85%, provided we buy an energy efficient home (A +). A worse score on the energy efficiency certificate, higher rates (up to one euribor + 2.75 if it has a G rating).

We have to have saved to pay the expenses and 20% of the sale. Bankinter continues to offer its mortgage with payment in payment to Euribor + 1.95% and a term of 30 years. As usual among the best mortgages, it only finances the lowest value between 80% of the purchase and sale price and the appraisal. The Net Futuro Mortgage, from Caja España – Caja Duero , at Euribor + 1.95%.

The ING Direct Orange Mortgage, 40 years old and with an interest of euribor + 1.99%. The new Goodbank mortgage, at Euribor + 1.99%, at 30 years.

Already exceeding the differential of the 2 points


We have the EVO mortgage, at Euribor + 2.20% and 30 years term. Like the rest, it requires very important savings. Probably throughout 2014 we will continue to see banks offering mortgages below the two-point differential; However, we can only talk about good mortgages when the savings required by the client are lower, since paying the costs of the operation and 20% of the purchase is very difficult for a large mass of customers who want to buy. (Visited 19 times, 1 visits today)

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