SMS service for your E-Money credit card

E-Money credit card combines all the benefits of a credit and a points card. Use it like any other credit or debit card, as you can use your E-Money MasterCard® PayPass at E-Money stores and gas stations, and at any other store that offers credit card payment, both at home and abroad, and even online !

At any time with your credit card:

  • you can easily withdraw cash at any MasterCard® accepting ATM or bank,
  • you can pay with touchless payment technology,
  • you can also credit your credit card to your own bank account.

Keep Your E-Money Credit Card Secure With SMS!

Keep Your E-Money Credit Card Secure With SMS!

If you have tried the credit card features and like them, our SMS service will not disappoint you either. This will help you stay up-to-date on your spending by keeping track of your $ 5,000 transactions with your E-Money card, which we’ll send you via SMS right after your purchase. This message will notify you not only of the details of the transaction, but also of your current balance. SMS notifications also include cash withdrawals: we will notify you of any such occasions.

We will also inform you of your successful and unsuccessful purchases via SMS, which may be particularly useful if you have abandoned your card and are afraid of unauthorized attempts to use it.
Claim our SMS service by phone on 06 1 888 0000 or in person at any E-Money Store Financial Corner or through Goodbank.

What is the difference between SMS and SMS on demand services?


The “SMS service” detailed above is not equivalent to the “SMS service”. The latter is an option whereby you can use one of the following services, one of which is to request an “SMS service”, using a simple SMS message, using the appropriate letter codes.

If you want the full benefits and convenience of your E-Money credit card, do not neglect the SMS feature as it will help to make your credit card use smooth and easy. Try the above and if you need help, contact Snowball!

The E-Money card’s APR is 36.83% ($ 375,000; 1 year)


The issuer of the credit card is Snowball, Which maintains the credit line, reserves the right to evaluate the credit.
The cash transfer service is only available with E-Money card (credit card), which is charged at 1% of the transaction amount in Hungary, but at least HUF 300. SMS service fee: HUF 200 / month.
The Snowball Goodbank service is available to all Snowball customers with valid credit agreements. The use of Goodbank is free of charge and is subject to pre-registration. More information in the E-Money Financial Corner.

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